Magnets for Crafts - Craft Magnets

The magnets within this category are very popular among crafters and have many applications for crafting and artistic creations. Integrating magnets into your crafting activities provides you with the ability to magnetize all of your creations so that you can more easily display them at your home or office for all of your friends and family to see! These products are a great way to increase the versatility of your projects. Expand your crafting toolbox with these must have products.

Magnetize Almost Anything!

Our craft magnets are fantastic for all kinds of art and craft projects including sketches, timelines, scrapbooking, stencil creations, fun signs, drawings, games, and more. Use our magnetic sheets with adhesive backing for holding die cuts for paper crafting. Create photo backdrops with our photo magnet sheets. Create fun to-do lists and games such as tic-tac-toe with our magnetically receptive chalkboard sheets using small colored magnets that be rearranged on the sheet. The posibilities are endless!

All of our magnets can be easily cut with a standard household pair of scissors or a utility knife. For questions about a specific product, please contact us or call us at (740) 525-2459.