How to Choose the Correct Type of Shelf Labels

on 01/11/2018

The start of a New Year often means new organizational strategies. If you are re-organizing your shelves in your office or warehouse, you may be wondering what the best strategy is for labeling. Today we have compiled a list of the labeling strategies available and suggest when to use each one.

Dry Erase Labels

If you have stock and supplies that will need to be rotated in and out rapidly, you may want to opt for Dry Erase magnetic labels since they are easy to change. Dry Erase magnets are also flexible so they are great for metal surfaces that may be slightly curved or textured. Dry Erase labels are available in pre-cut sizes or strip rolls from 1”-4” wide and 24” rolls that can be cut with sharp scissors or a utility knife. Choose from our precut sizes in packs of 25 or we can offer custom sizes to fit your needs.

C-Channel Labels

magnetic c-channel label holderC-Channel labels are also a great choice if you change your labels frequently. The way C-Channel labels work is that you can place cards in the channel and replace as needed. C-Channel labels are optimal if you have barcodes that you can print onto the cards or labels. Once you insert the printed barcode into the channel you will be able to scan easily and quickly. C-Channel labels are also made of flexible magnet that will adhere to slightly curved or textured metal surfaces so you do not have to worry about having a smooth surface. C-Channel magnetic labels are available in pre-cut packs or 1”, 2” and 3” wide rolls. Custom cut shelf label sizes are also available upon request.

Plain Magnet Sheets

Plain Magnet Sheets are great if you want to have complete control of the customization of your labels. You can cut plain magnet sheets to the desired size and place the label directly on the weak side of the magnet. When product information changes, simply remove the label from the shelf and discard. This type of magnet will also adhere to slightly curved or textured metal surfaces. If the label can be removed from the magnet sheet, the magnet may be reusable.

Adhesive Magnet Sheets

adhesive magnetic sheetIf you want customization and something permanent, Adhesive Magnet Sheets are the material you will want to use to make your label. The adhesive is permanent and will not be reusable after a sheet has been applied to the adhesive surface. Simply cut the magnet to the desired size, peel the release paper and stick your label information to the sticky side of the magnet. To create a label, use paper or cardstock to stick to the front. Consider using a color-coded system with the paper or cardstock for optimal customization. This magnet is also flexible and will adhere to slightly curved or textured surfaces.

Regardless of the type of label you choose to incorporate into your office or warehouse, you will be sure to notice that you feel more organized knowing everything has a spot and each spot is correctly labeled. You could even mark on your calendar when you need to rotate your supplies and re-label if necessary. In addition to having everything labeled, take your organization a step further by developing a color-coded system. The system will be unique depending on which labeling product you choose, but you could color code either the paper you use in the labels or the markers you use to write on the labels.