DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

on 07/07/2017

Do you find yourself having a difficult time keeping track of your activities or to-do items on a weekly basis? Are you looking for a place to keep track of your kids’ activities, such as sporting events? If so, this quick, easy, and affordable do-it-yourself calendar using Washi Tape and dry erase sheets is for you.

For this do-it-yourself activity you will need:

To begin, decide if you want to hang your magnetic dry erase calendar or just adhere it with the magnetic side. This will depend on where in your home you want to hang it. If you want to use a frame, you can opt for non-magnetic dry erase whiteboard sheet, whereas a refrigerator calendar would need the magnetic dry erase sheets.

If you choose to hang your calendar, begin by making a frame and adhering the dry erase whiteboard sheet to the back of the frame. I would recommend using some scrap wood leftover from another project if you want this to be a budget friendly do-it-yourself activity or purchase a frame from a local discount store. 

The next step is to divide the whiteboard into boxes for the calendar. This is where you can tailor your calendar to your own needs! Leave a little room at the top of the calendar to designate month or decorate with doodles, Washi Tape, and more. Be sure to leave room to add in the days of the week. 

Next, divide the calendar into seven columns and six rows. Leave as much room as you can in each box so you can glance at the calendar and see what you have going on that day, week, or month. Use Washi Tape to create sections for the days of the month and if you want to maximize the amount of space you have, use thin tape. You can find a variety of colors and patterns of Washi Tape at your local craft store!

Once you have all the days of the week separated with Washi Tape, go ahead and take a dry erase marker and add in the dates. If you want, add a box around each number to clearly distinguish the number from the content you would be putting in the box.

Once all of the boxes were numbered, add in some important dates including sporting events, vacations, and birthdays. 

Want to be able to secure your marker to the board or use magnets? Attach a magnet to the end of the marker and use magnetically receptive dry erase sheets for your calendar. You could also use magnets to attach receipts or memos to the calendar. 

The perk of a magnetic dry erase calendar is that you can change it whenever you want. You could change the color scheme for each month or each season. Or, you could use neutral colors and keep the calendar consistent all year long!

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