Using C-Channel Data Card Holders to Stay Organized

on 08/29/2017

Do you have an abundance of stock that desperately needs to be organized? Regardless the size of the business, you can use c-channel data card holders to organize your stock and supplies. Below we have included three reasons why c-channel label holders are the key to organizing your workspace.

Printed Barcode Labels

Because you can easily slide labels into these magnets, they are great for holding printed barcode labels. You could utilize this feature in your workshop or business if you find yourself constantly scanning your items. If you put your barcode label into the data card holders, you will always know where it is and be able to quickly scan it with no problem!

Labels that Change Frequently

Do you have space in your warehouse or workshop where you are constantly rotating your stock? Consider using our c-channel label holders to place on your magnetic surface. Once adhered, you can easily rotate the labels to keep track of your stock. You could also use these labels on filing cabinets if you have files you need to organize by letter (ex. AE) or number (ex. 7/26/17 – 8/26/17).

Employee Staffing Board

You could easily create an employee staffing board using c-channel label card holders. Since names vary in length, you could use a roll of c-channel data card holders and cut them to your desired length. You could use this board for keeping track of your staff, the employee of the month, or even designating teams within the workplace.

Customize to Your Needs

You can purchase these labels in pre-cut packs of 25 or rolls so that you can cut into various sizes as you need them. This ensures that no matter what your project, as long as your surface is magnetic, the c-channel data card holders are perfect for you!

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