Printing Invitations on Magnets

on 07/06/2018

Whether you are prepping for a graduation, wedding, or another special event, you will likely need to send some kind of invitation to your prospective guests. Instead of spending money on a paper invitation that your guests will likely lose or throw away, you can use printable magnet sheets to create your own custom invitation and print it on a laser or inkjet printer.

The advantages of using a magnet for your invitations include that the recipient can hang it on their refrigerator or another magnetic receptive surface so that they remember your event! If the invitation is on paper, it can easily get buried in the mail pile and your guest may forget about the event.

The magnet you will be using to print the invitations is lightweight. This makes it a cost-effective option when thinking about postage prices if you plan to mail the invitations or announcements. Printable magnet sheets are also easy to cut with sharp scissors. Depending on how big you want your invitation to be, you can potentially print a few on each sheet of magnet and cut them apart.

The versatility of printable magnets is another huge advantage. Printable magnet sheets can be used to announce things like graduations, engagements, births, adoptions, thank you notes and more! They can also be used to send save the date magnets for weddings, anniversaries, parties, birthdays, baby showers, and other events. The versatility continues with the ability to customize the invitation or announcement to your liking. You can design unique thank you cards with photos of the graduate, new baby or the event or party you are planning. You will be able to print this custom magnet from your house or office, which makes the process much easier than going to a store to pick up your creation.

A printable magnet invitation, announcement, or save the date is something that the recipient can save for a long time to remember your special event! This is especially nice if you choose to include photos of the invitation.

Printable magnets are a great option if you have any kind of event that you want to announce to family and friends. You have complete creative control when it comes to the size of the invitation and the actual design. You can print these magnets in your own home or office, which makes the process even easier! Add your own photos and text for a unique look that you will not find anywhere else.

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