Using Inkjet and Laser Printable Magnets at Work

on 10/27/2017

When you think of uses for printable magnets, you may think of making your own custom magnets, save the dates, or other personal announcements. While these are all great ideas, today we would like to share a few ways to incorporate magnet sheets into your workplace.

Print Notes for Employee Staff Meetings

When creating an agenda for a staff or safety meeting, there are often last minute items that come up right before the meeting is scheduled to begin. Consider printing your notes on magnetic sheets so that employees can easily reference them later. This is especially important for safety meetings where procedures should be reviewed regularly. Another perk to using magnetic sheets for meeting notes is that you can easily post them for those that were not able to attend the meeting. Since the notes are magnetic, you could easily adhere them to metal doors, refrigerators, or any other metal surface.


Reminders are important regardless of the industry. If you work in the restaurant industry, consider printing your “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work” sign on a magnetic sheet to avoid having to reprint in the future. If you work in the medical industry, consider printing patient reminders such as “Please Have Your Insurance Card Ready” on magnet printing paper so you can hang them where the patient can see them. This could potentially speed up the registration process!


Does your company participate in an annual retreat? Or maybe an end of the year celebration? Once you choose a date and location for the event, consider printing an announcement on a magnet papert so your employees can hang them at their desk or on their fridge at home. You could print multiple announcements per sheet cut to specific sizes with sharp scissors to make them small and manageable. Additionally, consider printing important upcoming dates for the remainder of the month on a printable magnetic sheet and hanging it in a central location where employees can easily access it.

Employee of the Month

Another great use for printable magnets is to print a picture of the Employee of the Month or any other outstanding team member that you would like to recognize. The print quality is outstanding and your image will be crystal clear! Use inkjet and laser printable magnets  to show your employees that their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!

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