Adhesive Magnetic Sheets and Strips

Create your own magnets with our adhesive magnet sheets and rolls. Simply cut the adhesive magnet to any size, remove the release paper on the magnet and apply the adhesive side to your design for any quick custom magnets. The magnet sheets and rolls are perfect for crafty projects around the house, garage, office or where you feel fits. The possibilities are endless, so start creating now!

Adhesive Photo Sheets Adhesive Photo Sheets

Create instant keepsakes with self-adhesive magnetic photo sheets. Cut easily with sharp scissors or utility knife to create instant keepsakes, photo magnets, fridge magnets, and more.

Adhesive Magnet Rolls Adhesive Magnet Rolls

Adhesive backed magnets are available in rolls up to 50 feet or by the foot allowing you to cut to your desired size for any project or sign.

Our adhesive magnets are most commonly used by artists, teachers, hobbyists, and more. Featuring extreme flexibility and durability, these magnetic sheets have adhesive on one side allowing you to make any craft or photomagnetic. The peel-and-stick construction will easily hold drawings, cards, photos, lace, paper, and many more decorations commonly used by crafters. The adhesive magnetic sheets come in 4 popular photo sizes in different thicknesses and they are also easy to cut to fit with sharp scissors.

Adhesive Magnetic Tape Strips

In addition to our adhesive magnetic sheets, we also have a quality selection of magnetic tape strips that feature a powerful adhesive backing enabling any craft or hobby project to become magnetic. These products the perfect addition to your craft toolbox and are great for any crafting project. Shop our full selection of powerful magnetic sheets today.

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