Chalkboard Magnetic Receptive Sheets and Rolls

Before you paint your wall with endless coats of chalkboard paint, check out our chalkboard sheet options. Save your time and energy with a quick installation chalkboard sheet with an indoor adhesive on the back that will stick to any finished indoor surface. Simply peel back the release paper backing and stick the adhesive sheet to the desired location. Our chalkboard sheets are also magnetic receptive so you can use magnets on the chalkboard surface.

Write notes, create lists, play games, and more with these extremely versatile chalkboard sheets. With three different sizes available, the possibilities are endless. Use these in your home or office for a quick and easy chalkboard solution. These peel and stick chalkboard sheets are easy to use. Simply peel off the release paper on the back and then you can adhere the sheet to nearly any surface. The sheets are strong and flexible enough that they can conform to slightly curved surfaces as well. Want to convert large areas into a chalkboard surface without dealing with messy chalkboard paint? Check out our adhesive chalkboard sheet rolls available by the linear foot!

Peel & Stick Adhesive Chalkboard Material Features and Applications

Our chalkboard sheet material is extremely versatile and full of features. Both our rolls and sheets feature:

  • Peel and stick application
  • Magnetic receptive - sheets will hold magnets
  • Smooth, black chalkboard finish
  • Easy cleaning with damp cloth for ultimate reusability

 Favorite applications for our peel and stick chalkboard sheets include:

  • Converting large walls into chalkboards for kids or in the office
  • Addition of a chalkboard to home school areas
  • Creative environment design
  • Creation of home decor using old picture frames and more
  • And much more!

For questions about our product, please contact us or give us a call today and we will be happy to help you.

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