Double Magnetized Magnet Rolls

The double magnetized magnet rolls are magnetized on both the front and back sides of each sheet.  Each sheet will adhere to a magnetic receptive surface and other magnets will adhere to the front.  Three different options are available.

Double Magnetized Dry Erase Rolls

The double magnetized dry erase rolls have a white write on/wipe off finish on the front and plain magnet back. The sheets will wipe clean when dry erase markers are used on the surface (just remember to let the ink dry before erasing). Each sheet is thicker than the average magnet sheet to allow greater holding power for magnets on the front side.  The magnet is a sturdy 60 mil thickness

Double Magnetized Plain Rolls

The double magnetized plain magnet rolls are plain on both sides and ready for you to add your creative design. The rolls are also produced in a sturdy 60 mil magnet thickness that can be be cut with a utility knife. 

Double Magnetized Red and Green Rolls

The possibilites for the red and green rolls are endless -- use for stop/go teaching aids, cover classroom doors during lockdown procedures, to do/done schedules or job boards, manufacturing signal magnets and so much more. The rolls have red vinyl one one side and green vinyl on the other side and are magnetized on both sides.  The rolls are little lighter than our other double magnetized options and are a 30 mil thickness. 

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