Double Magnetized Dry Erase Sheets and Rolls

Double Magnetized Rolls Double Magnetized Rolls

Looking for double sided dry erase magnets? Double magnetized dry erase magnets from Discount Magnet have a magnetic receptive surface on both sides of the magnet.

Double Magnetized Sheets Double Magnetized Sheets

Double magnetized dry erase magnet sheets feature magnetized surfaces on both sides, increasing its usability and versatility. Our magnetic dry erase sheets are true dry erase material and not vinyl.

Discount Magnet carries a wide variety of dry erase double magnetized magnets. Our double-sided magnets allow you to place the magnet on a surface while being able to use magnets on that magnet. Although these magnet rolls and magnetic sheets are magnetically receptive on both sides, only one side features the dry erase board material. Our selection of double magnetic dry erase magnets come in both dry erase rolls, and dry erase sheets. Our whiteboard magnets and other dry erase magnetic products use dry erase material, not vinyl advertised as dry erase. Shop through our double magnetized rolls and double magnetized sheets today!

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