Adhesive Business Card Magnets

Create your own magnetized business cards with our strong peel-and-stick magnets for business cards! These high quality, flexible magnet sheets enable you to stick your current paper business cards to them and securely magnetize them. It is simple as peeling off the lining and sticking your existing business card to the magnet. Stand out in your marketing strategy with business card magnets! Magnetizing your business information will keep your potential customers from sticking it in a drawer with all of their junk and other business cards that they haven't looked at in years. Our magnets for business cards are available in quantities 50 to 1000 and in thicknesses between 12mm to 60mm. If you would like to create your own business card magnets, you can do so with our inkjet printable business card sheets. On each sheet, there are ten perforated business cards ready to be printed on with an inkjet printer and then punched out.

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