Measuring Magnets with Mils

A mil is a unit of measurement that is used to describe and specify the thickness of magnets and other materials. When shopping around for magnets, you will often see magnetic sheeting described in terms of mils. The bigger the mil, the thicker the magnet will be.

1 mil = 1/1000 inches or 0.001"

For example, a standard piece of copy paper is 3.8 mils thick, which is .0038 inches.

Magnets for outdoor use

60 mil business card magnets for advertising

The standard thickness for an outdoor magnet is 30 mils. 30 mils is durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions but thin enough to cut with a pair of household scissors. A 30 mil magnet is also strong enough to stick to a vehicle traveling at high speeds. This is why car magnets for advertising are designed on 30 mil magnets.

Magnets for indoor use

Indoor magnets vary in thickness. Most magnets for indoor use go up to 30 mils with the standard being 20. However, business card magnets can vary significantly in thickness
120 mil magnetic sheeting for industrial usedepending on what they will be used for. Business card magnets can be anywhere from 12 up to 60 mils thick. Make sure to choose a magnet thickness that best suits your needs.

Magnets for industrial use

Magnets that are thicker than 30 mils can be used in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. 120 mil magnetic sheeting are common for warehouse dry erase boards, labelling inventory, and overall organization. Choosing a magnet between 60-120 mils ensures that the magnet will stay in place and is not easily removed.

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