24" Double Sided Magnet Rolls Red/Green

24" Double Magnetized Green/Red Rolls

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  • 24” Double Magnetized Magnet Rolls
  • 30 mil magnet thickness
  • Red vinyl on one side and green vinyl on the other side
  • Available in 5’, 10’, and 50’ rolls



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Available in 5’, 10’, and 50' rolls, this double magnetized magnet roll has red vinyl on one side and green vinyl on the other. Each piece of the 30 mil magnet roll will stick to a magnetically receptive surface like a steel door frame, steel warehouse shelves, magnetic receptive chalkboards/whiteboards and so much more. The magnetic sheets do not have dry erase film on either side, and all types of marks will be permanent.  

The possibilites for the red and green magnet are endless:

  • Cut in smaller pieces for teaching aids - use the red side for stop and the green side for go
  • Cover classroom door windows with the magnet sheets during lockdown procedures - use the red side for danger and the green side for safety
  • Cut in shapes for to do/done schedules or job boards
  • Manufacturing signal magnets - track inventory status or production issues (accept/reject, use/do not use, go/no go, etc.)

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