Fluorescent Neon Dry Erase Magnet Shelf Labels - 8"

8" Fluorescent Neon Dry Erase Shelf Labels

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  • 8" Fluorescent neon dry erase shelf label 
  • 20 mil magnet thickness
  • Sizes range from 1" x 8" to 6" x 8" 
  • Magnetic shelf labels available in neon colors: blue, green, pink, orange and yellow
  • 25 Shelf labels per pack
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Brighten up your office, warehouse, or classroom with our high-quality and affordable 8” fluorescent neon dry erase shelf label. Available in packs of 25, and being easy to cut, you will be able to manipulate this quality dry erase strip roll to fit your specific needs. This quality magnet roll has a dry erase film on it, making it easy to clean when you use a dry erase marker.

Make sure you look through the rest of our dry erase shelf labels! From 12” dry erase magnet 30 mil shelf labels, to 8” white dry erase 60 mil magnet shelf labels, Discount Magnet has the magnetic roll sheet that fits your specific needs. If you are interested in learning more about the magnet roll industry, be sure to look through our information center. Also, if you have any questions or concerns about our magnet rolls, do not hesitate to contact us directly, and we will be more than happy to help!

  • Thickness : 20 mil Magnet