24" Acrylic Adhesive Magnet Roll

SKU: 24ACR60
24" Waterproof Acrylic Adhesive Magnet Roll

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  • 24'' Outdoor/Indoor Acrylic Adhesive Magnet Roll
  • Waterproof Adhesive On Weak Side of Magnet
  • Strong 60 mil Magnet Thickness
  • Available in 5', 10' and 50' Rolls



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Looking for a versatile magnetic sign material that can be used both indoors and outdoors? Discount Magnet's heavy duty craft magnets can help. With our acrylic adhesive magnet rolls, you can customize any size magnet for any application, whether for an outdoor sign or banner, a magnetic poster, or decorative refrigerator magnet. Although these magnetic rolls are thicker than most magnets at 60 mil, they can still be easily cut using sharp scissors or a utility knife.

For heavy duty strip magnets, view our selection of acrylic adhesive strip magnets.

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