Matching Pole Magnet with Acrylic Adhesive

Matching Pole Magnet with Acrylic Adhesive
  • 1" Wide Magnet-To-Magnet Matching Pole Magnet
  • 60 mil Magnet with waterproof acrylic adhesive
  • Magnetized to match perfectly to the non-adhesive side of the rolls
  • Available in 5', 10', 25' and 100' rolls
  • Two matching rolls per quantity ordered





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The 1" wide Magnet-To-Magnet Matching Pole Magnet is magnetized with a special pattern that allows the rolls to match face-to-face. Each roll is magnetized to attract on the strong plain side of the magnet and mount flush to each other. The weak side of has a waterproof acrylic adhesive that can be used outdoors, indoors or in areas with high humidity. The 60 mil magnet can be cut with sharp scissors. The rolls are not designed to hold paper, fabric or other materials between the fabric pieces. You will recieve two matching rolls of equal length when ordered.

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